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Sony's First Product Failed miserably.
Sony HQ TOKYO JAPAN The international company Sony Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has operations in the fields of electronics, video games, music, motion pictures, and finance. They...
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HOW to Get Your Name Onto the HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame
On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is located in Hollywood, California, there are a total of 2,690 stars. Those who have made significant contributions to the entertainment business in the following...
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What Can We Get From a Barrell of Oil?
It is known as “Black Gold” and “Texas Tea,” and it is what fuels our cars, airplanes, and ships so that they can move, but what we get from an ordinary barrel of crude oil might...
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What Determines Which Way Is Up for Seeds?
You probably know this now, but plants grow away from the ground and into the air. Without a doubt, it does; the question is, how does a plant know to do this while it is still a seed buried in the ground?...
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avocados: a tale of chance and fortune
The Hass Avocado is the variety of avocado that is most usually seen in grocery stores. This variety is the one that is used in guacamole, diced, or used on just about anything else. Yet the fact that...
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FACTS About the Planet Neptune
This article is a compilation of completely unrelated facts concerning a stunning blue planet that is located extremely remote from us and is named after a god of the sea. Neptune is the name of the planet....
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How did the names of these car brands come to be?
The history of well-known automobile brands, as well as the origins of their names, are covered in this article. This first section focuses on American automobile manufacturers and the degree to which...
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Relation Between Penicillin and aN Infested Cantaloupe
The discovery of penicillin is widely regarded as one of the most significant advances in medical history. Because of this antibiotic, medical professionals were able to successfully treat and cure patients...
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Space junk is a problem that keeps getting worse.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is home to the greatest concentration of garbage on Earth; nevertheless, there is another region above our heads that is home to enormous amounts of garbage and continues...
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